“different” Links

So there are “the one” and “the other” Links.

The “one” Link is when the Link is opened in the existing window at least if you don’t want your visitor to leave your Blog. This type of Link will close your Blog, open the Link and after some more clicks your premier visitor won’t find the way back to your blog –> one lost visitor !

The “other” Link is when the Link is opened in a new window.


  • Your visitor can search for the desired information in the opened Link and can return to your Blog with no big effort.

Therefor make sure you used the right typ of Link!

Thema Links 1


In the End everyone has to decide what kind of Links he want to use.

How to embed a multimedia data into your Post

Its easiest to embed a multimedia data like a video a picture via a HTML-Code (HTML-Tag).

Therefore you first have to save your muldimedia data online here you have more than one possibility:

1. upload it directly to your Blog


2. upload it to an online service that fits your data for example for:

Sometimes you have to sign in first!

3. next step : find the HTML Code for embeding your data, copy it and paste it to the the HTML Code of your

Blog Post. There you simply have to decide where exactly your data schould be integratet.

4. Here is a little example how to embed a video:

wie man ein Video einbettet 1

After uploading the video go to the symbol “embed” at the top.

wie man ein Video einbettet 2

copy the code!

wie man ein Video einbettet 3

paste it to your Blog Post

and publish it or save it for later by useing one of the shown buttons:

wie man ein Video einbettet 5 (publish)
wie man ein Video einbettet 4 (save)

You made it!

Online Session or BIG-SKYPE-FUN


Like some allready wrote, it was a really big fun!

Big Thanks to Jonas and to our seminar head Ralf.

I was surprised that, apart from some little technical problems, it all worked quite good.

Especially the “Acrobat Connect” software was amazing cause of all the possibilities it offers or at least “would” offer if it would have worked well through the hole time.

But I think all of us got a good idea about how such an online session could be done. Thanks for that.


Progress so far

Today we did your video recordings at the campus, durings the next days we’ ll try out what’s possible with

“Final Cut Pro” and hope your “video-schnipsel” will start to take shape.

We also searched for some freeware which offers the possibility to record PC activities,

we found two different free-/sharewares:

Fraps : http://www.fraps.com/

HyperCam : http://hypercam.softonic.de/

during the next days we will see which is the better one and will post your experiences here.